History for imdbphp2

Last modified: May 19 2015
v2.6.1 (19.05.2015)
! Fix year being missing when searching for films like "Home (II) (2015)"
! Add a cache folder in the default location to stop exceptions with default config
v2.6.0 (03.05.2015)
+ Added ability to fetch metacritic rating and number of reviews. `imdb::metacriticRating()` and `imdb::metacriticNumReviews()`
+ An exception will be thrown if you have configured caching but the folder is not writeable. If you do not want caching `usecache` and `storecache` must be false.
! Fix top250 rank parsing
v2.5.0 (25.03.2015)
* Changed `credits` in `imdb_person` to return an array for addons as the docblock states
* Fixed `writing()` credits for tv show
* Handle a title with no cast
* Fix rating parsing when using european languages
* Remove usage of short array syntax
v2.4.1 (02.01.2015)
+ Add two extra fields to `cast()`. `credited` indicates whether the actor was credited for that role or not. `role_other` is an array of any other extra information put again the role, such as 'voice' or 'archive footage'
! Fix multiple roles per actor not showing in the 'role' field of `cast()`
! Fix link to movie overview page in the demo site
v2.4 (13.12.2014)
! Speed up poster parsing and fix errors on large pages
! Fix `awards()` where award has no recipients, no category or large notes
! Fix `cast()` parsing of role. The role field no longer contains anything other than the name of the role played
+ Added extra fields for number of episodes and years playing the role to `cast()`
! Fix photo field in `cast()` results to correctly remove the resizing bit in the url
v2.3.6 (21.11.2014)
! Fix regexp for place of death parsing when no cause of death is given
v2.3.5 (02.11.2014)
! Fix goofs parsing.
+ Caching / requesting layer rewritten to be simpler and more modular. Cache files are different, so previously cached requests will be lost.
! Remove some short array syntax to keep compatibility with older versions of PHP5 (added in 2.3.4)
v2.3.4 (11.10.2014)
! Fix `runtime()` not always returning a value
! `ratings()` now returns an int rather than a number formatted string
! Fix `overview()` having a synopsis link if synopsis was used
- Removes unneeded constants used in config
! Fix http redirects not being followed properly
v2.3.3 (21.08.2014)
! Fix date of birth and date of death parsing
v2.3.2 (05.08.2014)
! Fix sound, color and countries methods (broken due to imdb change)
! Remove 'Add a Plot' from outline method when no outline exists
! fixing up APIDoc to work with the current processor once more
! Fix 'creator' parsing
v2.3 (31.07.2014)
+ New interface for searching people and films ( ->search($searchTerms) )
+ Add composer support
+ Add ability to pass config into classes to override default config. This makes it possible use imdb without editing or adding files to the imdb library folder
! Fix episode parsing
! Fix referrer header being same as $_SERVER['referer'] when making requests to imdb
- Remove unnecessary config key 'trigger_referer'
v2.2.4 (05.06.2014)
+ phpUnit tests added (DJMcTom)
* some code cleanup and RegExp speedup (DJMcTom)
- removed support for PEAR http request (DJMcTom)
! Fix alsoknow so it correctly splits country and comments (DJMcTom)
* Make sure endyear is the startyear if film has no production span (DJMcTom)
* Include imdb class in imdbsearch class to prevent errors (DJMcTom)
* declaring imdbsearch::seturl() obsolete: nowhere referenced, and does not really make sense anymore (Izzy)
- constructor of mdb_base had a mandatory parameter (id) which was not used. This parameter is now deprecated (no longer listed in ApiRef) but left in for compatibility, will be removed later (Izzy)
v2.2.3 (25.01.2014)
* some cleanup to imdb::plot_split
* IMDB site updates hit us again. Fixed: imdb::awards(), imdb_person::bio()
! Episode search was broken due to incomplete redirect handling in imdbsearch::results()
* tiny fix to imdb_person::filmograf() to return all character names
v2.2.2 (02.12.2013)
! imdbperson: filmographs had skipped every second entry somehow
! imdbperson: born() and died() got broken due to site changes. Thanks to GeorgeFive for the fix!
! imdb::title() returned an empty string for movies that haven't been released yet
* reworked imdb::title_year() to better handle year-spans (e.g. for serials: "2010-2012")
* imdb: decoding IMDB external site re-directs to target URLs
* imdb::cast() now has an optional parameter $clean_ws (default: FALSE) to remove whitespaces (especially line-breaks) in names
! imdb_person: more adjustments due to site changes to birthname(), nickname(), height(), spouse(), bio(), trivia(), quotes(), trademark(), salary()
v2.2.1 (20.10.2013)
! again site changes, this time they broke the personal credits (actors, composers, writers, etc.)
* imdb::yearspan() didn't catch all "delimiters" used on the IMDB sites
+ added new config option "language" (see mdb_config for details – and thanx to strikedaemon for the code!)
* changed a bunch of methods from private to protected, to allow overriding them by extension classes
! IMDB decided to introduce another /genre/ link to most popular genres, which messed up the genre() method
! imdb::plot() and imdb::plot_split() were broken due to another site change
v2.2.0 (22.09.2013)
+ introduced the possibility to override config vars using simple *.ini files (see conf/*)
- removed Moviepilot classes (the service is no longer operational via its API)
! fixes to cache.php (listed the same movie over and over)
* doc/README updated
+ cache.php now uses glob() to speed up file finding
* some minor code cleanup
+ added some more example code to doc/examples
v2.1.9 (19.09.2013)
! imdb::alsoknow() and imdb::releaseInfo() were broken due to site changes
! imdbperson::filmograf() missed some character names due to site changes
! imdb::soundtrack() was broken due to site changes
! imdb_person: latest site changes broke all filmografies. fixed.
! imdb: crazy_credits(), goofs(), quotes(), video_sites() broken due to site changes
+ while fixing imdb::video_sites, discovered more similar content on that page: soundclip_sites(), photo_sites() and misc_sites() added
! imdb: trivia(), officialSites() broken due to site changes
! imdb_person: movies_crew() and movies_archive() broken due to site changes
v2.1.8 (26.05.2013)
* improvements to the imdb::soundtrack() method. Much better results now :)
+ imdb_person::filmograf() now fills the "addons" information again (for all movie_*() methods)
! imdb_person: articles(), interviews() returned garbage if that information was not available
! Moviepilot changed API-error message, so instead of displaying the according error we had empty result sets
! rewrote movieposterdb::parse_list() -- so now the movie posters, logos, covers, etc. should work again
+ added imdb::orig_title() to retrieve the original movie title (if available; otherwise returns "")
+ added imdb::movie_recommendations() to retrieve the "people who liked this..." movies
* imdb_person::spouse() was missing detail information (most likely due to site changes) -- added them back
! fixed a bunch of notices in person.php and imdb_person.class.php
v2.1.7 (15.05.2013)
! site changes again. Fixed: imdb::keywords_all(), imdb::taglines(), imdb:quotes(), imdb::trailers()
! also due to site changes: fixed imdb::soundtrack() and extended it: soundtrack[i][credit] is now an array[credit_to,desc]
! fixed imdb::genres() returning duplicate genres due to some added SPANs
* some cleanup for the plot outline in imdb::plotoutline()
! fixed imdb::get_episode_details() broken due to site changes
! fixed imdb::comment_split() broken due to site changes
! fixed company credits (all four methods have been broken due to site changes)
* removed some garbage preceding the storyline returned by imdb::storyline()
+ imdbsearch::results() got additional parameters so results can be better filtered. Also added some safeguard for movies having a number before the year, e.g. "Safe (I) (2012)", to prevent empty years
! fixing imdb::mainPictures() bigsrc
! fixing minor issue with non-existing thumbnails in imdbphp::thumbphoto()
v2.1.6 (06.02.2012)
! bunch of IMDB changes broke things again: fixed imdb::votes(), imdb::movietype(), imdb::country(), imdb::genres(), imdb::mpaa_reason()
! same reason: fixed imdb::thumbphoto() -- and thus all dependent photo methods resolve again
! same reason, more fixes: imdb::keywords()
! same reason, fixed imdb::seasons() -- which implicitly fixed the depending imdb::episodes()
! four more: fixed imdb::is_serial() and imdb::get_episode_details() plus imdb::comment() and imdb::comment_split() due to IMDB site changes
v2.1.5 (06.12.2012)
! fixed "undefined index" error in imdb::episodes()
! imdbsearch, imdbperson: site changes completely broke search
+ imdbperson: added caching of search result page
! imdb::is_serial() and imdb::get_episode_details() were also broken again
v2.1.4 (20.09.2012)
! imdb::movietype() could no longer distinguish between TV Movie and TV Serie (site changes)
! imdb::is_serial() invalidated by site changes
! imdb::movieconnection() was broken due to site changes
! imdb_person::born() and imdb_person::died() suddenly missed day and month (site change; thanks to GeorgeFive for the fix!)
* test suite needed a minor update: our example "uncompleted" movie was completed meanwhile, so the test erraneously reported failure
+ imdb::trailers() was incomplete. Thanks to george (ticket:286) it now should fetch more, and I also added the possibility to decide whether to restrict trailers to on-site ones
* imdb::plotoutline(): removing extra HTML tags from around the storyline
v2.1.3 (15.04.2012)
! some redirects have not been handled correctly (i.e. when IMDBID xxxxxxx was re-routed to yyyyyyy)
! imdb::is_serial() and imdb::get_episode_details() were broken due to site changes
! imdb::episodes() was broken due to site changes. ATTENTION: with this rewrite of the method, the outer array no longer starts at 0 but reflects the real season number (as often requested)!
+ imdb::get_episode_details() - added "airdate" as requested by ticket:290
! imdb::goofs() and imdb::crazy_credits() where broken due to site changes
* some adjustments to imdb::trivia - spoilers are now avoided by default. Pass TRUE as only argument to retrieve them separately.
+ some enhancements to genre retrieval (thanks to George!) - now there will be more genres reported :)
v2.1.2 (19.01.2012)
! site changes broke the imdb class methods keywords(), seasons(), languages(), mpaa_reason(), goofs()
! site changes confused imdb::extReviews(), imdb::videosites()
! company info URLs were just the IMDB relative URL w/o protocol and site. Added the missing info
! if production spanned multiple years (xxxx-yyyy), movie type was setup wrongly ("type xxxx-")
+ added method imdb::endyear() for cases where production spanned multiple years. So for "xxxx-yyyy" this returns "yyyy", while imdb::year() is adjusted to "xxxx". Otherwise, both return the same year.
! imdb_topcharts::getChartsBoxOffice() was broken. Fixed thanx to hints from razor.
! imdb::episodes() was completely broken, as the entire page design and structure changed (multiple pages now)
+ added imdb::get_episode_details() to retrieve "uplink info" on episodes
v2.1.1 (19.12.2011)
+ imdb: adding new budget class
+ imdb nowplaying: added Top-10-Boxoffice
+ movies: added method movietype to check wheter it is a movie, tv series, ...
* updated API reference
! is_serial() did always return FALSE (site-change)
* fixed a bunch of NOTICEs
! imdb::languages() had problems with some ISO settings - hopefully fixed now.
* sometimes imdb::genres() did not return all available genres
v2.1.0 (11.10.2011)
! movieposterdb class was broken due to site changes at movieposterdb.com; applied a quick-hack to fix it
! fixes due to site changes: imdb::rating, imdb::goofs
* complete rewrite of imdb_nowplaying class (location and structure of page had changed)
+ some improvements to episode data (see http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/imdbphp/ticket/255 for details)
! trailers on Moviepilot were broken due to changed URL
! pilot: fixed mainPictures() due to API changes
! pilot_person: fixed photos() due to API changes
+ added basic check for pilot classes (corresponding to the IMDB checks)
v2.0.7 (21.08.2011)
! site changes again: fixed imdb_person:name (tnx to GeorgeFive and Qvist)
! same reason: imdb::votes(), imdb::country() and imdb::mpaa_reason()
! same reason, just a couple of days later: imdb rating
! imdb_person class: filmografies no longer listed movie names due to site changes
* imdb_person class: character names w/o id are listed again in filmografies
! IMDB started to sometimes pre- or postfix movie titles with "IMDb", becoming part of the title then
* imdb movie: plotoutline() did not work for unrated movies
v2.0.6 (08.07.2011)
! next IMDB site changes: ratings
! imdb_person filmographies: quarters in years, e.g. 1924/II, lead to empty year
* imdb::awards(): minor adjustments by Qvist
! imdb_movielist: fixed the listing methods (were all broken by IMDB site changes some time ago)
+ movies (imdb+pilot): Added new method languages_detailed() to get detailed lang info (name, code and comment of languages used)
+ imdb::episodes(): Result array now also includes season and episode (numbers)
+ movie classes: Added new method aspect_ratio to obtain the screen aspect ratio
v2.0.5 (25.05.2011)
! IMDB-Link for person search in demo was wrong
+ movie class: new method yearspan() for e.g. serials spanning multiple production years
! IMDB site changes broke actors filmographies, quotes, user comments, trivia, top250
* adaption to imdb::storyline() as suggested by an anonymous user
v2.0.4 (28.12.2010)
! mdb_request.class.php ignored the IMDBPHP_CONFIG constant - fixed
! they did it again - so imdb::comment_split() was broken
! imdb photo stuff was broken
+ runtimes and genres know have an additional source as fallback
! imdb::votes() was broken due to site changes
! imdb::seasons() always returned 1 (if there were seasons) for IMDB switched order
* cleaned up imdb::prodNotes() result
* cleaning up double-paragraphs in imdb::plotoutline()
! person.php linked back to imdb.php instead of movie.php
v2.0.3 (17.10.2010)
! some after-fixes for the last "big run" include imdb methods plotoutline(), runtime_all()
! same for imdb_person::name()
* imdb::plotoutline() was taken from storyline with the recent changes - fixed it up
+ but since we had a working storyline, that method was added as storyline()
! imdb::mainPictures() was also broken by the last site changes - fixed
! mdb_request class did not inherit force_agent and trigger_referer values from mdb_config and thus issued PHP notices
v2.0.2 (10.10.2010)
! imdbsearch: some search results missed the year (if it was consisting of more than a plain year, e.g. something like "2001/II")
! imdb::prodNotes: lastUpdate was broken due to a site change
+ movies: added imdb::locations() to retrieve details on the filming locations. pilot::locations() is just a wrapper to this requiring full fallback configured.
! mpaa_reason returned wrong text (tnx to dblume for report and fix!)
+ added method is_serial() to the movie classes to determine whether the selected entry is part of a TV series
! again site changes at IMDB - fixed imdb::title_year(), imdb::thumbphoto(), and imdb::country() with code sent by moonface (tnx!)
! imdb::languages() (and thus imdb::language() as well) had been broken - fixed.
+ added config option to set up the user agent "manually"
! if an actor had a too long movie list, no results where shown (there seems to be a limitation in preg_match)
! HUGE SITE CHANGES ON IMDB! Thanks to your contributions, we got many stuff fixed in the imdb class: thumbphoto, ratevote, genres, cast, alsoknown, runtime_all, comment, comment_split, tagline, plotoutline, keywords, mpaa, mpaa_hist, mpaa_reason, prodNotes
! Same reason broke the imdb_person class almost completely.
v2.0.1 (23.05.2010)
* imdb::awards() updated with code from its author (tnx, Qvist!)
* imdb::alsoknow() updated with patch from Qvist (tnx again!)
! imdb::tagline() and imdb::prodNotes() have been affected by some site changes
! fixing some minor typos
! imdb site changes broke imdb::releaseInfo() again
+ movieposterdb: added method save_image to save an image to the configured photodir
* user_agent string now taken from browser (if possible)
* imdb::releaseInfo - country was suddenly including anchor tags due to site changes
+ imdbsearch::results now has an additional optional parameter "series" (boolean, default TRUE) to indicate whether you want TV series included with the results
v2.0.0 (26.04.2010)
! imdb::releaseInfo() was also partly affected by the last IMDB site changes
! another IMDB site change broke imdb::alsoknow()
+ imdb::top250() added as provided by abe (tnx!)
* due to a request, the constant mdbconfig::pilot_imdbfill was turned into a protected property (to be accessed via mdb_config::get_pilot_imdbfill and mdb_config::set_imdbfill). To enable the use of this, the new constant mdb_config::pilot_imdbfallback_enabled needs to be set to TRUE
+ pilotsearch now honors the maxresults setting
! imdb::quotes() had some annoying "share this quote" added due to IMDB site changes
+ added imdb::videosites() to retrieve the external trailer links again
! fixed the imdb_trailer class again (at least basically)
+ pilot::trailers() and pilot::mainPictures() now deliver content from MoviePilot
+ imdb::trailers() now also supports the "extended data" introduced by pilot::trailers(): Passing TRUE as parameter, instead of simply the URLs you get some additional data
+ imdb_trailers: added support for Youtube URLs
+ imdb::awards() has been added by Qvist (Tnx!) and tweaked by Izzy - the latter then also added pilot::awards() as wrapper to it (requires FULL_ACCESS)
* replaced mdb_config::pilot_imdbfallback_enabled by the global constant PILOT_IMDBFILL - which is defined in the default mdb_config.class.php only if it was not defined before
! IMDB changed the format of the AKAs today - so imdb::alsoknow() had to be fixed
! imdb::trivia() was broken due to site changes
! Makefile forgot to install index.html - and to uninstall pilot_person.class.php
! pilot: some minor adjustments concerning not-available pages
v1.9.9 (24.02.2010)
* imdb::movieconnection() - fixed FollowedBy and added Follows (tnx 2 Qvist)
* imdb::releaseInfo() now catches a few more cases (missing links)
* imdbXML class updated with a patch from the author
+ imdb::movieconnections() - added more connections (tnx to Qvist)
! IMDB Search did not work with the localized sites due to new domains used
! imdb_person::filmograf did not catch characters if they had no link. Due to changes on the IMDB sites, it in fact did no longer catch any character...
+ pilot movie class now correctly assigns the persons IMDBID
! imdb_person: born() and died() missed to return the year due to IMDB site changes
! imdb::seasons() returned wrong season count, and imdb::episodes() got messed up on airing dates
+ pilot_person: class added
! imdb::releaseInfo() did not recognize entries without day - fixed.
+ caching functionality added to the imdbsearch class
+ pilotsearch class now stores found movies to cache
+ *_person::movies_writer() added to get writers filmography
! imdb_person::born() and died() have been broken by IMDB changes again - fixed. Same for interviews(), articles(), pictorials() and magcovers().
! imdb::color() has been broken by IMDB changes - also fixed. Same for imdb::sound(), mpaa() and mpaa_hist()
v1.9.8 (02.12.2009)
* started restructuring the classes and files to provide a core API for extensions
+ first extension added: basic functionality for MoviePilot (http://www.moviepilot.de/), supporting some movie functionality only
+ added the pilot_imdbfill class constant to define IMDB access level for complementary data from IMDB - i.e. information which is generally not provided by MoviePilot can be automatically retrieved from there.
* Updates for the APIDoc to reflect the bunch of changes
! imdb: minor fix for releaseInfo()
+ pilot::officialSites now contains links to the corresponding pages on Amazon, IMDB, OMDB, and Zelluloid - if available
! imdb::language() was broken
+ movie classes: added method creator() to retrieve the creator of series
! fixing a minor issue (array index) in imdbsearch::results()
+ imdbsearch: added method reset() to clean up the search results array
+ Pilot API: added pilotsearch class to search moviepilot for movies
! imdb::officialSites() returned a bunch of internal links not belonging here
! imdb::runtimes(), imdb::sountrack(), and mpaa_reason() was broken
! imdb_person::filmograf was broken due to an inserted onClick() on IMDB.COM
* imdb_person::movies_actress() was causing false alert in tests
! fixed the imdb::trailers() method. Note that IMDB now only lists their own videos, so the imdb_trailers class is (currently) useless.
- removed the imdb_trailers class from checks. As IMDB seems to no longer list external trailers, they will either fail. The code for the class will remain in the repository for now - one never knows...
+ added new method imdb::keywords_all() (to retrieve the full list). For compatibility, pilot:keywords_all() has been added (aliases pilot::keywords())
+ added new class to retrieve images from movieposterdb.com
! imdb::plotoutline() did not cut surrounding DIV
+ added config setting to optionally convert imdb movie information to UTF8
! imdb::alsoknow() fixed (IMDB site changes)
+ new class imdb_movielist added. First methods allow to retrieve a list of movies for a given year and country / year and language, as well as the 10 most popular movies by year.
v1.2.0 (04.10.2009)
+ the test pages now support a "cron-mode" passing "cron=1" at the URL, i.e. plain text output, and only on failures (intended for automated tests)
! movie: fixed a small initialization issue (wrong type for keywords)
! movie: episodes() returned bool false (instead of empty array) if no episodes
v1.1.6 (29.09.2009)
+ movie: added method to retrieve keywords (thanx to Balamir for the code!)
+ movie: method cast() now also has the headshots included (thumbs and big)
* test/ directory has been missing in Makefile, and "make uninstall" left some files on the system
+ added version and revision info to the classes (to be shown with the test page results)
+ let the test page prepend "." and ".." to PHPs include_path so it runs out of the box
v1.1.5 (24.09.2009)
! hopefully fixed "invalid stream resource" on some network timeouts
+ movie: added method to retrieve movie types (if specified)
! person: fixed a property missing in initialization
! movie: some methods were broken due to site changes. Fixed goofs(), trailers(), and trivia()
* some minor updates and changes
v1.1.4 (26.04.2009)
+ movie: added method mpaa_hist() to include multiple ratings per country (if set)
+ methods returning a data array now have the additional element "mon" holding the months number (while "month" still keeps the name as it was before)
+ movie: added method prodNotes() method to get information about production in progress
v1.1.3 (26.03.2009)
* updated ApiDoc: the methods for retrieving details now use the "see also" tag to show which IMDB page the information is taken from
+ movie: added method officialSites to retrieve the "official" URLs
! person: movies_archive() was broken due to site changes
! movie: releaseInfo() was messed up if one entry contained an incomplete date
! movie: director() returned nothing on series main page (thanx for the fix, moonface!)
+ movie: added method mainPictures() to retrieve information on the pictures displayed on the main page (thanx to moonface for the initial code!)
v1.1.2 (26.02.2009)
+ movie: added methods to retrieve company credits (production companies, distributors, special effects, other companies)
+ movie: added method to retrieve the synopsis
+ movie: added method to retrieve detailed parental guide info
v1.1.1 (26.01.2009)
! names::died() and names::born() did not return complete information (or even returned garbage in some cases) due to site changes
! names::spouse() and names::salary() returned garbage if the corresponding items were not available on the corresponding page
! trailer::getFlashCodeAllTrailers() was broken due to site changes on alltrailers.net
+ collecting more details from the filmografie - all the remarks in parenthesis are now collected into the $addons array
v1.1.0 (12.01.2009)
+ added the imdb_topcharts and imdb_nowplaying classes provided by banzap
+ added imdb_trailers class (rewrite of code provided by banzap)
+ added showtimes images locally (since they are somehow protected at the IMDB site)
+ added name (imdb person) search
v1.0.8 (17.09.2008)
! fixing strange problem with filmographies sometimes missing some years in the middle (just fixed by an ugly work-around - still not sure what is broken)
+ added the imdbXML class provided by Pablo Castorino (thanx Pablo!)
! fixed rating (due to IMDB site changes). Tnx to sourcer for the patch!
+ allowing to define a different config file defined by the constant IMDBPHP_CONFIG
! episodes() have been broken due to site changes - fixed.
v1.0.7 (02.09.2008)
+ imdb (movie) : added method releaseInfo()
* changed the way to get the big image - should now match better
! thumbnail was not returned when big image was missing, and big image did not always work correctly (image names changed?)
+ tests can now be restricted to either movie only, name only, or all (default)
+ imdb_person: added method to retrieve complete filmography (ignoring categories)
+ imdb_person: added method for category "actress"
v1.0.6 (11.06.2008)
! preventing endless loops on connection problems (i.e. IMDB site offline)
! failed pages are no longer cached
+ added the attribute lastServerResponse (3-digit codes according to RFC2616) to the imdb_base class. You can check this to find out why there have been no results - e.g. "404" means the page was not found. "000" usually means the server could not be contacted (site down, network problems, ...)
+ test pages now allow to turn the cache on/off via the URL, applying "?cache=on" or "?cache=off" to it
v1.0.5 (03.06.2008)
+ imdb_person: added methods to retrieve printed publications (pubprints()), biographical movies (pubmovies()), and "portrayed in" (pubportraits())
+ imdb_person: added method to retrieve interview list (interviews())
+ added overall results to the API test page
+ imdb_person: added methods for articles, pictorials and magazine covers
* class tests updated - results should be more precise now
! fixed a problem with redirected pages (e.g. movie 0068709)
! fixed a problem with movies having no year set (but "????" instead)
v1.0.4 (26.05.2008)
! imdb_search: if maxresults was set to 0, no results have been returned (instead of unlimited)
! imdb: colors(), sounds() and episodes() have been broken due to IMDB site changes
+ added set of test pages (for verification of all methods)
* default cache expiry increased from 600 (10min) to 3600 (1h)
v1.0.3 (20.05.2008)
+ imdb_person: methods to retrieve birthname, nicknames, body height and spouses
! imdb: languages() method was broken due to IMDB site changes
+ imdb_person: added method to retrieve mini bio
+ imdb_person: added trivia(), quotes(), trademark() and salary()
! fixed a flaw in imdb::photo() (you could not retrieve the thumbnail and the bigger photo in the same run)
v1.0.2 (14.05.2008)
+ new method mpaa_reason() reports why the movie was rated PG-* in the USA
+ introduced new class imdb_person with methods to retrieve name, picture and filmographies of staff members
+ imdb_person: New method born() to retrieve birthdate and place
+ imdb_person: New method died() does the same for day of death (including cause, if available)
* links to staff members on the demo imdb.php page now pointing to the new imdb_person.php instead of the IMDB site to give insight into the new classes capabilities
! imdb: staff methods (director, cast, writing, producer, composer) did not return the persons IMDBID correctly (fixed: the "nm" prefix is now removed)
v1.0.1 (07.05.2008)
* code reorganization: Split up the imdb class to create class imdb_base
+ the photo methods now support an optional parameter to retrieve a bigger (400x600) image instead of the thumbnail (100x140)
* rewrote alsoknow() to give even better/more matches
! in quotes(), references pointed to the local server instead of imdb site
* replaced hardcoded imdb sites in the demo page by the imdb site configured
! plotoutline() and tagline() were broken due to IMDB site changes
* some optimization of tagline() and plotoutline()
! rating() and votes() returned -1 when movie was not yet rated
v1.0.0 (04.05.2008)
! little fix for the MPAA retrieval (thanx to aaron pointing this out and providing the fix)
+ added some more checks on valid image and cache directories to prevent PHP warnings/errors
+ adding some more comments to the API documentation
! alsoknow() sometimes messed up some AKAs - hopefully fixed.
* some style changes to the demo pages
! method country() was broken (site changes?) - fixed.
v0.9.5 (03.04.2008)
* renamed imdb_config.php to imdb_config.class.php
* updated cache page layout
* changed Makefile: the classfiles now go to /usr/share/php which is the PHP include_path in the distributions php.ini - this means you no longer need to include these files with your apps RPM/DEB packages, but simply add the appropriate dependency (and include them directly via the include_path)
! imdb::alsoknow() messed things up on akas.imdb.com if AKA string contained only one term in parenthesis
* some W3C fixups to the demo pages
* cleanup of private class properties in class imdb (removing unreferenced ones, fixing initialization types, renaming some for clearer conventions)
+ imdb::comment_split() added - returns the same comment as imdb::comment, but structured into an array so you can access the elements more easily
+ imdb::plot_split() added similarly as pendant to imdb::plot()
* some more corrections/updates to the API reference
v0.9.4 (31.03.2008)
* getting rid of most (all?) of the PHP warnings/notices thrown
! tagline() method missed to exactly extract the tagline from the main page when the movie only contained one tagline
! fixed the season display in the demo page which sometimes was caught in an endless loop (the API itself was not affected)
+ added a drop-down box to the demo search page to select whether to search for a movie or an episode by the given name
* updated some API references to give a better description
* moved the IMDB_Request class to its own file (separate from the imdb_config)
! searching akas.imdb.com did not reveal localized akas; if we find them, they are now listed along with their language
* improved duplicate check on movie search (thanx to Alex)
v0.9.3 (25.03.2008)
! fixed some incorrect calls to strrpos causing PHP error messages
* changing default imdb site from us.imdb.com to akas.imdb.com to also find localized AKAs
+ new method movieconnection() returns connected movies (mid, name, year and maybe comment)
+ new method extReviews() returns external reviews for this movie (url,desc)
* some code cleanup, optimization and comments
* minor optical enhancements to the demo pages
+ imdbsearch class: added method search_episodes to restrict the search to either movies or episodes (before it was always restricted to movies)
v0.9.2 (13.03.2008)
* replacing strpos..substr loops in several functions by preg_match_all constructs
! runtime was broken for some movies (errors on the IMDB pages?)
+ added soundtrack() method for guess what...
! setid() forgot to reset some credits - fixed.
* no more duplicate IMDB IDs are displayed anymore (thanx to Josh for pointing this out!)
! the result set limit ($maxresults) was not honored (again Josh - thanx!)
v0.9.1 (20.01.2008)
! year was screwed up when movie title contained "()"
! method rating() did not return any value on subsequent calls (only on the first)
+ added support for retrieving trailer urls (method trailers())
+ added retrieval of 'Crazy Credits' (try with 'The Blues Brothers', they have some)
+ added goof retrieval (again, you can see some with 'The Blues Brothers')
* some cleanup
* moved error message output into debug methods so they can be turned off (do so in imdb_config.php with the $this->debug setting)
+ added method trivia() to retrieve the trivias
v0.9.0 (06.01.2008)
! link to SearchPlotWriters was pointing to wrong server
+ added gzip support to cache (Jörg Eitemüller)
+ added support for tv series (Jörg Eitemüller) - new methods: episodes() and seasons()
! fixed bug concerning genre parsing
+ added support for retrieving the movie quotes - method: quotes()
v0.8.9 (07.10.2007)
* genre and country often contained a stupid additional field pointing to some "Imdb sections". Changed the code so they are no longer there.
! Link in "user comments" now points to the correct *site* (site info was missing so this always pointed to the local host)
* taglines() no longer returns the "update form" as latest tagline
! if the IMDB page contained no genre or country info, the concerning function caused an php error (strpos(): Offset not contained in string)
! cache purge caused errors when cache directory contained subdirs - fixed.
v0.8.8 (05.08.2007)
* applied patch sent by eremini to also support BMP images
* IMDB site changes again
* moved documentation files to doc/ dir and added APIDOC there
v0.8.7 (10.03.2007)
+ made the maxresults (max movies to return on query) configurable
+ made the search variants configurable
+ added some more info for the APIDOC
* made the sample scripts proof for register_globals=off
v0.8.6 (23.02.2007)
+ plot outline and selected user comment added (wtf)
* next changes on IMDB site: Fixed rating and cast (Izzy)
! alsoknow() sometimes throw an error (and ate some AKAs). Fixed (Izzy)
+ sample page now gives some more details (Izzy)
! fixed the link to ratings generated in the votes() function (eremini)
v0.8.5 (22.01.2007)
* some adjustments due to changes on the IMDB sites
* a little re-structuring of the class files due to easier maintenance together with the code of phpVideoPro
v0.8.4 (13.08.2006)
+ added automatical global cache purging
* IMDB site changes caused image retrieval to fail
* IMDB site changes caused actors retrieval to fail
v0.8.3 (08.04.2005)
* due to internal changes on the IMDB site the searches returned empty. Now it works again
* extended the results for some details, e.g. the also-known-as
* lots of detail changes I do not remember anymore (see history of phpVideoPro at http://www.qumran.org/homes/izzy/software/)
v0.8.2 (01.12.2004)
* Izzy took over project maintenance from sevec
* syntax on *.imdb.com changed - which made the entire class(es) unusable. Fixed that, so now it works again.
v0.8.1 (24.10.2003)
+ added support for old browseremulator again. choose in imdb_config.php if you use PEAR.
v0.8 (22.10.2003)
* many things that i forgot writing and don't remember now...
* imdbsearch class method setsearch($name) was renamed to setsearchname($name).
+ a imdbsearchurl($url) was added that can be used to find the imdb links on a url. (ie. to get the top 250 movies.)
* many functions that returned an empty string now return NULL. this will propably not affect many programs but it is cleaner for databases. haven't fixed all of them yet.
* PEARs HTTP_Request class is now used (see pear.php.net you need it now for the program to run.)
* the default is not to use or store cache now.
v0.7 (29.09.2003)
! some minor bug fixes.
! fixed the links in the test scripts.
* search can be multiple words
* search results now return an array of imdb objects.
* when there is only one result (imdb redirects to it) the right thing is happening.
* fixed it for the changes in imdb site.
* added a patch by Brian Ruth for ratings.
v0.6 (01.08.2003)
+ taglines() function that returns all taglines.
! fixed a bug that made photo() to return the wrong url sometimes.
+ added producers.
* changed runtime handling. now runtimes() returns a table with runtimes and runtime() returns just the first runtime and only the number.
+ added photo_localurl() which returns a local url for the movie image (after saving it there first if it doesn't exist.
* alsoknow() splits the info more...
v0.5 (29.07.2003)
* Initial Release.
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