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Last modified: July 11 2008
v0.2.7 (11.07.2008)
+ rman.sh create_standby: checking whether ORACLE_HOME is set and update of tnsnames succeeds
+ rman.sh create_standby: init.ora adaptions: case insensitive search
+ rman.sh create_standby: create and xfer passwordfile, displaying output on FORCE LOGGING
* rman.sh create_standby: more detailed output if creation of standby controlfile fails
! rman.sh create_standby: call to backup procedure failed (file extension missing)
! rman.sh: Logfile naming was incorrect in interactive mode
+ rman.sh restore_full: added check of listener and database state before the restore starts; making sure the database can be mounted; warn user if it is completely open
! rman.sh restore_full/restore_ctl: The scripts have not been aware that really *everything* except the backup could be lost (e.g. unrecoverable disk crash). Should work fine now (hopefully)
v0.2.6 (25.02.2008)
+ rman.sh: new command "restore_ctl" to restore a lost controlfile either from a multiplexed copy (if available) or from backup (not yet completely tested)
+ rman.sh: split up menu (got to large)
! rman.sh: some minor fixes (mainly concerning "DryRun" debug output)
+ rman.sh: added "rmanw" script which will be installed into your path (plus an adapted rmanrc to /etc) to be able to call it from anywhere
! ExportOracleDB: bzip2 compression was ignoring the --dryrun parameter
v0.2.5 (18.02.2008)
+ rman.sh: create_standby now first checks whether SPFILE is used and (if so) offers to first create PFILE from this to proceed with.
+ rman.sh: create_standby now also updates the primary database at the end of the process (to feed the standby etc.)
+ rman.sh: new command "switchover" to perform the switchover between primary and standby database
+ rman.sh: now comes with a menu when called w/o parameters (interactive mode)
* rman.sh: some more code reorganization
v0.2.4 (10.02.2008)
* completely restructured the RMAN framework for a better UI handling. This uses the "dialog" tool if available (package "dialog" with most Linux distros), falling back to plain shell if not available (or configured otherwise)
+ rman.rc: default settings for UI (USEDIALOG) and timeout of dialog boxes
+ rman.sh: new parameters --[no]dialog to override settings for "dialog" usage
! rman.sh: backup_daily now checks the recovery window set by the corresponding rman*.conf file
+ rman.sh: create_standby now also creates the init.ora files and transfers the copy to the standby
* rman.sh: config check (RMAN DB config) is no longer run on each call regardless of parameters - but only if jobs are called using that information
+ rman.sh: cleanup_obsolete now also obeys the --all option
+ rman.sh: Now we first make sure the rman and sqlplus utilities are found in the path before executing anything (to avoid stupid errors)
+ rman.sh: Added disclaimer (only shown on first execution of rman.sh)
+ rman.sh: create_standby now also can create the tnsnames.ora entry on both, the primary and standby host, plus mentions the optional entry for the listener.ora
v0.2.3 (05.02.2008)
+ rman.sh: added the move_fra command to move the recovery area to a new location
+ rman.sh: create_standby now also copies backup files to new standby machine on demand (using scp), checks DB status and optionally starts up the database(s)
+ rman.sh: added the --all option to the backup_daily command (for hosts with multiple databases)
v0.2.2 (16.01.2008)
+ added the sqltune script (for Oracle 10g)
+ added script to list up undo records used by current processes
+ rman.sh: Added the create_standby command
+ analobj.sh: Added listing of index rebuild candidates
+ globalconf: Now you can specify an output directory
+ analobj.sh: Added more accurate listing for index rebuild candidates (when run with analyze - the other one runs without analyze, e.g. using the "--noanalyze" command line option)
v0.2.1 (21.10.2007)
! fixed configuration issue with backup_daily (UNTIL TIME parameter was missing)
! force_clean was incorrect
+ added script for full database export (with default options and optional compress)
v0.2.0 (23.08.2007)
+ rman.sh: added recover command
* rman.sh: colors now only used when TERM variable set (avoid errors w/ cron)
+ rman.sh: added block_recover command
+ rman.sh: added commands cleanup_expired and cleanup_obsolete
+ rman.sh: added command force_cleanup. Use this with care. It's main intention is to work around a couple of Oracle bugs (see Metalink notes 4348860.1, 314217.1, 315098.1, 305812.1, 289653.1 as well as bugs 5073511 and 5106952). In short: RMAN doesn't care about the archived logs directly stored into the FRA (flash recovery area), and also forgets to purge cumulative backups (leaving them orphaned w/o any parent to apply them on) - with the final result that the FRA size will be exceeded, further backups fail due to this, and the database comes to a stand-still since redo logs cannot be archived anymore. If you don't have this problem, you don't need this command.
+ rman.sh: added --yestoall option to allow unattended runs. Use this with care and only if you know what you are doing ;)
+ added documentation for the rman.sh script
* rman.sh: outsourced config to rmanrc
+ rman.sh: added cmd line options '-q' and '--dryrun'
+ rman.sh: made TempTS settings configurable
v0.1.8 (17.07.2007)
! Generate_createdb.sh: fixed duplicate execution of CREATE USER statements
! Generate_createdb.sh: fixed execution order: Don't change password for SYSTEM and then try to connect with the old password later
! Generate_createdb.sh: for system managed tablespaces, last datafile was added twice - fixed.
+ added RMAN scripts (no documentation yet - simply run rman.sh w/o args to find out more)
v0.1.7 (24.02.2006)
* lazywaste.sh: some restructuring
* updated some help messages within the scripts
+ added parameter --force to idxrebuild_all.sh, tabmove.sh and tabreorg.sh
+ idxrebuild_all.sh, tabreorg.sh: Now (optionally) also adjusts size of initial/next extent (based on index size). Use parameter --noadjust to ommit.
! if the scripts have been run without the -s parameter, and the given SID did not resolve via ONAMES/TNSNAMES, connection failed. Fixed.
v0.1.6 (11.01.2006)
+ tabreorg.sh: Added parameter --nostats to force rebuild (e.g. if no stats have been collected, so we know nothing about chain count etc.)
+ added lazywaste.sh to find out about wasted resources and lazy sessions
* Generate_createdb.sh: Now using the print wrapper (from OraRep) (fixes some broken output)
v0.1.5 (27.10.2005)
* Generate_createdb.sh: Default Storage parameters for Tablespaces are now only generated for dictionary managed TS (causes errors on creating locally managed TS)
+ Generate_createdb.sh: Temporary TS statement is now also created
* Generate_createdb.sh: Rollback Segments are no longer created (and "altered online") when database is in auto undo mode
+ Generate_createdb.sh: added export of public synonyms and database links (not owned by SYS or SYSTEM).
+ Generate_createdb.sh: Now also creating roles
+ Generate_createdb.sh: CREATE USERS are now done with the correct password (using the undocumented "identified by values" feature)
+ analobj.sh now supports additional parameter --noanalyze (affects tables only, and then directly gives reports about chained rows)
* Generate_createdb.sh: Moved bootstrapping stuff to end of first segment (since these Oracle scripts stop spooling the log file)
v0.1.4 (14.07.2005)
+ added the Generate_createdb.sh script to the package
* renamed idxrebuild.sh to idxrebuild_inv.sh (rebuilding all invalid indices)
+ new idxrebuild_all: now rebuilding all indices from the smallest to the largest (in bytes), and executing ALTER TABLESPACE..COALESCE in between
v0.1.3 (12.02.2004)
+ added documentation in HTML format
* updated most script headers concerning the "Usage"/"Syntax" output
! idxrebuild: fixed problem with optional 2nd parameter
v0.1.2 (06.02.2004)
! all: scripts crashed on objects with names using mixed case
+ all: enhanced command line syntax
+ analobj: LOGALL can now be overridden on cmdline
+ added tabreorg.sh (automatically re-organize fragmented tables)
v0.1.1 (26.01.2004)
+ idxrebuild: the second parameter (tablespace name) now is optional. If not specified, all tablespaces (including SYSTEM!) are checked.
! idxrebuild: fixed condition for "STATUS" (now skipping 'N/A' as well, since rebuilding partitioned indices requires special treatment)
* all: moved remaining configuration options from analobj.sh to globalconf. So from now on "globalconf" should be the only file the user has to edit.
+ analobj.sh now optionally outputs complete log (logging all ANALYZE statements as well)
v0.1.0 (15.01.2004)
* initial version (first release)
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