Texte: English Humour
      Dateiname KByte  Datum  Beschreibung
 ANSMESS#.ZIP1912.11.92Messages for your answering machine
 ANSWER.ZIP2104.09.93Answering machine messages
 BABBAGE.ZIP512.09.93Babbage, die Programmiersprache der naechsten Generation.
 BBS.ZIP602.01.92The History of the BBS User
 BLONDE.ZIP2220.04.93Jokes about Blondes
 BOFH.ZIP2311.10.92Die fiesen Streiche eines sadistischen Grossrechner-SysOps
 BOSSHOSS.ZIP319.05.93Boss Hoss Cycle
 BUSINESS.ZIP3421.07.93Business humor
 CLINTON.ZIP4020.04.93Bill Clinton jokes
 COFFEE.ZIP213.12.99Are you addicted to coffee? Get2know!
 CONFUZ.ZIP320.04.93Confuzius say jokes
 COWGUIDE.ZIP6621.04.93The complete Guide to Cows: COWS.ZIP from Eric in November '92 COW_GUID.ZIP David in Summer '91
 DECWARS.ZIP1113.05.90StarWars einmal anders
 DINNER41.ZIP311.01.92Dinner For One
 DOCTORS.ZIP2903.02.94Doctor's Jokes
 DOIT.ZIP2104.09.93* do it * punch lines
 ELEPH.ZIP1904.09.93Elephant Jokes
 FUNBOOKS.ZIP1214.07.93Phunny book titles
 FUNERAL.ZIP203.02.94Ways to be offensive at a funeral
 GEEK.ZIP625.07.93So you think you are a geek, eh? The first step is to admit to yourself your geekiness.
 GEEK101.ZIP929.10.93The Geek Code, revision 1.0.1
 GOLF.ZIP1401.08.93Golf jokes
 HACKERT.ZIP904.10.91The Hacker Test
 HHGBB.ZIP1008.12.91The Hitchhiker's Guide to Bulletin Boards
 HHGTTN.ZIP3224.07.89The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Net
 HITCHNET.ZIP3504.06.91The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Net (Addendum zu HHGTTN.ZIP)
 MCSTORY.ZIP619.05.93A short story about a dreaming Motorbike Maniac
 MOTOPUTE.ZIP326.12.93Motorcycling Definitions for the Computer User
 TAO.ZIP1013.02.93The Tao of Programming
 VAXTRAK.ZIP5416.06.92VaxTrek - StarTrek like