Judaica: FAQs
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 READ_01.ZIP2326.01.97Introduction and General (Pt. I) Introduction and General. Includes book sources, starting points for beginners, starting points for non-Jewish readers, General Judaism, General Jewish Thought, General Jewish History, Noachide Laws, Torah and Talmud, Mishnah and Talmud, Torah and Talmudic Commentary, Midrash, Halachic Codes, Becoming An Observant Jew, Women and Judaism, and Science and Judaism.
 READ_02.ZIP1226.01.97Trad. Lit. and Practice (Pt. II) Traditional Liturgy, Practice, Lifestyle, Holidays. Includes Traditional Liturgy; Traditional Philosophy and Ethics; Prayer; Traditional Practice; The Household; Life, Death, and In-Between; and The Cycle Of Holidays.
 READ_03.ZIP1026.01.97Part III: Mysticism Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Messianism. Includes Academic and Religious treat- ments of Kabbalah, Sprituality, and the Jewish notion of the Messiah.
 READ_04.ZIP926.01.97Judaism Reading List: Reform Judaism (Pt. IV)
 READ_05.ZIP726.01.97Judaism reading list: Conservative Judaism (Pt. V)
 READ_06.ZIP626.01.97Judaism reading list: Reconstructionist Judaism (Pt. VI)
 READ_07.ZIP826.01.97Judaism reading list: Humanistic Judaism (Pt. VII)
 READ_08.ZIP1026.01.97Chasidism (Pt. VIII) Chassidism. Includes general information on historical chassidism, as well as spe- cific information on Lubavitch (Chabad), Satmar, Breslaw (Breslov), and other approaches.
 READ_09.ZIP826.01.97Zionism (Pt. IX) Zionism. Includes Zionism and The Development Of Israel, The Founders, Zionistic Movements, and Judaism in Israel.
 READ_10.ZIP1026.01.97Antisemitism and Christian Relations (Pt. X) Antisemitism. Includes sections on Antisemitism, What Led to The Holocaust, Medieval Oppression, Antisemitism Today (Including Dealing with Hate Groups), Judaism and Christianity, and Judaism, Freemasonry and other rumors.
 READ_11.ZIP926.01.97Intermarriage (Pt. XI) Intermarriage. Includes sections on "So You're Considering Inter- marriage The Traditional Viewpoint, Conversion, and Coping With Life As An Intermarried.
 READ_12.ZIP1926.01.97Periodicals (Pt. XII) Periodicals. Includes Topical General Interest Periodicals, General Interest Periodicals focused on Tradition and Home, General Interest Periodicals focused on Jewish Scholarship, Other General Interest Peri- odicals, Publications Target- ed For Specific Movements, Rabbinic Journals, and Local Publications.
 READ_13.ZIP526.01.97Judaism Reading List: Books for Jewish Children (Pt. XIII)
 SCJFAQ01.ZIP2326.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, intro: Network and Soc.Culture.Jewish Information
 SCJFAQ02.ZIP2426.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 2/12: Who We Are
 SCJFAQ03.ZIP3226.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 3/12: Torah and Halachic Authority
 SCJFAQ04.ZIP2526.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 4/12: Observance: - Jewish Holidays - Jewish Dietary Law and Kashrut - Sabbath and Holiday Observance - Woman and Marriage
 SCJFAQ05.ZIP2926.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 5/12: Worship: - Jewish Worship - Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?" - Miscellaneous Practice Questions
 SCJFAQ06.ZIP1926.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 6/12: Jewish Thought.
 SCJFAQ07.ZIP1626.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 7/12: Jews as a Nation.
 SCJFAQ08.ZIP1426.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 8/12: Jews and Israel.
 SCJFAQ09.ZIP2026.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 9/12: Antisemitism: - Churban Europa (The Holocaust) - Antisemitism and Rumors about Jews - Countering Missionaries
 SCJFAQ10.ZIP4126.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 10/12: Reform/Progressive Judaism.
 SCJFAQ11.ZIP3826.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 11/12: Miscellaneous: - Miscellaneous - References and Getting Connected
 SCJFAQ12.ZIP1726.01.97Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ, 12/12: Jewish Childrearing Related Questions.
 SCJP-FAQ.ZIP2726.01.97FAQ from Soc.Culture.Jewish.Parenting
 ANTISEM.ZIP602.01.94Antisemitism and christian relations
 CHASID.ZIP702.01.94The Messiah, Kabbala and Chasidism
 CONS.ZIP502.01.94Conservative judaism
 GENERAL.ZIP1602.01.94FAQ Judaism: Introduction, general sources, Torah, Talmud, Mischna
 HOLOCAUS.ZIP2716.11.93Holocaust FAQ: The Leuchter report.
 HUMANIST.ZIP502.01.94Humanistic Judaism
 MISSION.ZIP521.05.96A guide to missionary tactics. How to fight back missionaries. Text by Jews4Judaism.
 RECONSTR.ZIP402.01.94Reconstructionist Judaism
 REFORM.ZIP602.01.94Reform Judaism
 TALM-FAQ.ZIP5016.06.98FAQ zu jüdischen Gesetzeswerken: Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Kabbalah, u.a.m. HTML & Text-Version
 TAL_MID.ZIP2206.05.96Talmud & Midrash FAQ
 TRADIT.ZIP902.01.94Traditional liturgy, practice, lifestyle, holidays
 ZIONISM.ZIP502.01.94Zionism and the birth of Israel
 ASK01-35.IDX619.05.95Index for ASK01-35.ZIP
 ASK01-35.ZIP10219.05.95"Ask the Rabbi." This is a collection of common question and answers.To see what you will find here, index files are provided -- so just look out! The archive contains issues #1 to #35
 ASK01-60.IDX919.05.95Index for ASK01-35.ZIP and ASK36-60.ZIP
 ASK36-60.IDX419.05.95Index for ASK36-60.ZIP
 ASK36-60.ZIP8519.05.95"Ask the Rabbi." This is a collection of common question and answers.To see what you will find here, index files are provided -- so just look out! The archive contains iss. #36 to #60