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 7LAWS.ZIP323.08.94The seven laws of Noach - the laws are relevant for all mankind Die sieben noachitischen Gesetze - Gesetze, die für alle Menschen gelten
 AJEWISH5.ZIP17814.02.95A Jewish Mother's Cookbook V 5.0 <ASP> Anyone who's interest in Jewish recipes will love this cookbook! "2 Thumbs Way Up Jackie Binder "The Ultimate Debra Bernstien "You don't have to be Jewish to love this software Kim Lee Best of all it's free!Regis $0.00
 AVOS.ZIP12018.08.91The full Pirke Avos with concurdance!
 BNAINOAH.ZIP3129.01.91What are the B'nai Noach? Here they introduce themselves.
 BOOKLIST.ZIP408.10.97Buchliste rund um's Judentum (deutsch). Von Matthias Weckner (matajah@qumran.abra.de) Stand:13.07.97
 CALENDAR.ZIP420.02.94A calendar of events in biblical history.
 CANTILLA.ZIP1021.05.96Cantillation interest group digest #3
 FEMLEARN.ZIP515.02.95orthodox jewish women breaking ground in pursuit of studies previous restricted to men (newspaper article cut from the InterNet)
 GENESIS.ZIP407.02.95project Genesis information
 GOLAN.ZIP80116.10.94Hasbara for Windows is a hypertext guide to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is an ongoing work. New versions will be fre- quently issued, both to include more historical material, to cover additional topics, and to keep current as the con- flict unfolds. This archive is about the Golan heights.
 HEBRON.ZIP619.11.95Entering the cave of Machpelah Hebron Today by Noam Arnon Spokesman, The Jewish Community of Hebron
 JACOB.ZIP323.08.94After receiving his blessing from Isaac, Jacob is to flee from his brother Esau to Paddan-Aram. Here comes the real background
 JEWGHOW1.ZIP428.07.96JEWGHOW1.TXT (Rev. 11-94) (5.6 KB) JEWISH GENEALOGY FOR BEGINNERS. Trace your Jewish Roots, a step-by-step, first approach to Jewish genealogy. Rediscover your ancestors. With some detective work you may find out their names, and when and where they lived. Includes bibliography. [Compiled by Bernard Kouchel] Previous filename- TRACEJR.TXT
 JEWISH.ZIP2903.08.91This archive includes: challah - The Art of Making Challah intifada - The Intifada you don't see on TV shoftim - Parsha Shoftim, explained by Rabbi M.M.Schneerson vayeshev - Parsha Vayeshev, dto. vayetzey - Parsha Vayetzey, dto. whynot - Jesus! Why not? (c) by: Jews for Judaism Enjoy!
 JLYRICS.ZIP612.03.95This archive includes text to the following Jewish songs: Adon Olam Ma'oz Tzur An'im Z'iroth Oseh Shalom Ki Eshmera Yedid Nefesh Shabbat Yerushalayim HaTikvah shel Sahaw Kiddush Yism'chu Lecha Dodi HaShamayim Enjoy!
 KABBALA.ZIP1331.12.93Ein kurzer Einstieg in die Mystik der Kabbala
 KISHON.ZIP508.10.97Kishon: Ein nicht ganz orthodoxes Gespräch (aus "In Sachen Kain und Abel", Ullstein 20025)
 MAAPILIM.ZIP513.01.95Auf den Spuren der Ma`apilim. 50 Jahre nach dem "Exodus durch Österreich"
 MAGENDAV.ZIP426.06.89/\ \ \ / The symbol of the \/ / \/ / Magen David. / Source of explanation: MJ. \ / \/
 MAILORDR.ZIP3021.05.96Provides information on mail-order books, book publishers, book stores, videos, religious articles, software, services, etc.
 MESS.ZIP323.08.94Messianic references - or a mess of references:Are texts like Ps. 22:15-18; Zech. 9:9;12:10-14; Is. 7:1-14;53; Micah 5:2 actually refer to Jesus?
 QABBALA.ZIP3825.06.91An introduction into the mystics of Qabbala
 QORENTN.ZIP516.11.96Uebersetzung des Vorwortes zum TaNaKh des Qoren Verlages (Jerusalem).
 Q_KABALA.ZIP612.06.91Footprints in the Chamber - Towards a Quantum Qabbala
 RABBITS.ZIP201.07.94Why can't women become rabbis? By: Benjamin Hurwitz
 RAMBAN.ZIP311.02.94Kurzbiografie des Ramban (Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman).
 REFSTAT.ZIP310.02.94Extract of 1935 and 1976 Centrary statements of the American Reform movement.
 TORALAM1.ZIP1.28804.06.96Tora La'Am, Disk 1/2 This is a demo version! Tora La'Am is a learning software, providing you with Midrash and more. It needs a 386+ and at least 4 MB RAM and 9 MB diskspace as well as Windoze 3.1+
 TORALAM2.ZIP1.36104.06.96Tora La'Am, Disk 2/2 Description see part 1
 TURKJEW2.ZIP511.01.95article on the history and present status of Turkish Jews, in Turkey and elsewhere
 TURKJEWS.ZIP704.01.95Turkey and the jews. An interview with Stanford J. Shaw (History), who recently completed two books: The Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, and Turkey and the Holocaust: Turkey's Role in Rescuing Turkish and European Jewry from Nazi Persecution, 1933-45.