Judaica: Customs
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 ALIYOTH.ZIP606.09.94Part 6: Aliyoh to the Torah
 BAKING.ZIP818.11.94Part 10: baking dairy and meat foods in the same oven
 BALL.ZIP427.10.94Part 9: playing ball on shabbos
 BANKRUPT.ZIP501.08.94Part 3: Monetary stuff.
 CHANNUKA.ZIP708.12.94Part 11: This article outlines some of the laws and customs of Chanuka, including: 1. The origin of Chanuka 2. The time for lighting the menora 3. Where to place the menora. (Issues in Practical halacha #11)
 COOKIE.ZIP522.09.94Part 5: Eating biscuits (cookies) or cakes, with lettering or designs, on Shabbat
 HEADCOVE.ZIP527.06.94Part 1: Men covering their heads.
 KIDDUSH.ZIP604.08.94Part 4: The Kiddush.
 MECHITZA.ZIP808.07.94Part 2: The mechitza (separation of men and women).
 TENTH.ZIP527.10.94Part 8: the uses of ma'aser money (the tenth)
 BARMIZWA.ZIP1214.12.94Bar Mitzvah - Customs Maamar Footnotes
 BIRTHDAY.ZIP1014.12.94Happy Birthday - What is the Celebration all about
 CHANUKA.ZIP2318.01.96Festival guide: Chanukka. Including the following items: Chanukah Message from the Rebbe Interesting tidbits about Chanukah Your Chanukah Guide The History of Chanukah How to Celebrate Chanukah Menorah Kindling Times Menorah Kindling Blessings The Significance of Chanukah Special Customs of Chanukah The Chanukah Dreidel This textfile has its origin at Chabad Lubavitch.
 CHANUKKA.ZIP818.01.96The story of chanukka
 HANUKKA.ZIP418.11.94Originaltext ueber das juedische Fest Chanukkah. Sehr interessant, sicher nicht nur fuer Reli/Ethiklehrer. Allerdings in Englisch.
 HOLIDAYS.ZIP2414.12.94A Jewish Holiday Guide
 J_YEAR.ZIP8314.12.94Timeless Patterns of Time - The Jewish Year. All of the holidays a.o. explained.. .
 KIPPUR.ZIP426.09.94A question concerning Yom Kippur.
 NEVER.ZIP615.04.94Never again A text for Yom HaShoah.
 P_GUIDE.ZIP910.04.94Pessach Guide.
 ROSHANAH.ZIP422.09.94A text for Rosh HaShanah (jewish New Year)
 S_TORAH.ZIP1421.05.96Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah Guide
 WEDDING.ZIP2014.12.94Jewish Wedding - Customs plus more
 613.ZIP1115.06.93The 613 commandments of the Thorah
 FAITH.ZIP1414.12.94Judaism's 13 Principles of Faith
 KABBALAH.ZIP3218.01.96What the Kabbalah is talking about translation of books by Michael Laitman
 KAPPARAH.ZIP307.08.94RaMBaM on Kapparah (atonement). How could there be atonement without a daily offering?
 KIPA.ZIP311.02.94Die Kopfbedeckung beim jüdischen Gebet.
 LAZARUS.ZIP418.01.95Moritz Lazarus - Grundsätze der jüdischen Sittenlehre
 MEZUZAH.ZIP901.07.96MEZUZAH A brief treatise on the significance of this important Mitzvah. By Uriel Zimmer (c) Kehot Publications, Brooklyn, NY
 POLYGAM.ZIP406.01.95Polygamy in history. An article by Charles A. Rubenstein
 POLYGAMY.ZIP903.01.95Bigamy and Polygamy in Jewish Law
 STONES.ZIP313.04.94Why do the Jews place stones on the graves (instead of flowers Just one of many possible answers.
 YOM68-71.ZIP707.07.95Daf Yomi #68 - #71. Topics are: For Whom the Eulogy at funeral? When Logic Stops The Price of Impatience Meat from Heaven The Wicked Hand Entrapment of a Missionary The Tenth Man?
 YOMI_53.ZIP320.02.95inheritance: Daughter Versus Granddaughter
 YOMI_54.ZIP320.02.95inheritance: A Poor Condition
 YOMI_55.ZIP328.02.95Generation Gap (Bava Basra 128-134)
 YOMI_56.ZIP309.03.95After You! (Bava Basra 137a,141a)
 YOMI_57.ZIP313.03.95What did he mean? (Bava Basra 142-148)
 YOMI_59.ZIP327.03.95Fit to be tied / Bridging The Generation Gap (Bava Basra 156-162)