Hebr.: Fonts and Wordprocessors
      Dateiname KByte  Datum  Beschreibung
 4HEBFNTS.ZIP9223.08.954 Hebrew TrueType fonts 4 Windoze
 DEADSEA.ZIP1020.01.95DeadSea PostScript font
 ELROFONT.ZIP3123.04.95Hebrew font (TrueType) to use with Netscape
 GADTTF.ZIP2218.11.92GAD TrueType font
 HBVENTUR.ZIP1107.04.89Shemesh An HP Laserjet II Hebrew Font With Ventura Screen Font and Width Table
 HEBFONTS.ZIP7111.05.92Collection of Hebrew ATM/TTF fonts
 HEBR_TTF.ZIP3115.04.92hebräischer TrueType-Font
 HPDAVID.ZIP4521.12.93DAVID softfont for HP printers, emulate an expensiv Hebrew cartridge
 HPHEBREW.ZIP3007.09.88HPHEBREW creates and downloads softfonts for Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet series II Printer.
 HPHEB_10.ZIP3220.10.88Hebrew softfonts for HP printers
 JERUSALE.ZIP920.01.95Jerusalem PostScript font
 NETEXT.ZIP5802.04.96Hebrew font (TrueType) to use with Netscape
 OLDJAFFA.ZIP920.01.95OldJaffa PostScript font
 PANASONI.ZIP320.01.95PanaSoni.Bas: Hebrew Alef-bet for PANASONIC KX-P1081 Printer
 REUVNTTF.ZIP1018.11.92REUVEN TrueType font
 ROMHEBW.ZIP309.06.91Hebrew fonts for Windows
 SFONTS10.ZIP21524.01.94Collection of Hebrew fonts. Both, TrueType and ATM format are pro- vided in this archiv.
 SHALOOLD.ZIP2620.09.92Hebrew ATM-Font: ShalomOldStyle
 SHALOSCR.ZIP2720.09.92Hebrew ATM-Font: ShalomScript.
 SHALOSTI.ZIP2120.09.92Hebrew ATM-Font: ShalomStick
 TELAVIV.ZIP820.01.95TelAviv PostScript font
 TORAH.ZIP3511.02.94Hebrew font "Torah" in both TrueType and ATM format.
 WEBFONT.ZIP13122.03.95Hebrew font (TrueType & ATM) to use with Netscape
 WGREEK19.ZIP28702.06.93win-util. Controls the write-direction (left to right/right to left) and setting of accents!
 WINHEB11.ZIP14202.06.93Hebrew fonts for Windows
 DGSDEMO.ZIP1.02610.08.93Dagesh v 1.1 -- demo of one of the best Hebrew*English wordprocessors for MS Windows
 E-BREW.ZIP5927.06.95HED is a WordStar like editor for editing hebrew text.
 EBREWADD.ZIP2430.11.95additional stuff for e-brew.zip
 EINDEMO.ZIP14010.01.88The famous Hebrew wordprocessor Einstein (Working!)
 HAKOTEV.ZIP54205.07.93Good Hebrew/English wordprocessor for MS Windows with 26 Hebrew TTF fonts (DEMO)
 HEBED15.ZIP67927.08.95Hebrew Edit v1.50 <ASP>. Hebrew text editor that supports Hebrew vowels (Nikud), script and block letters. Prints beautiful large characters on LaserJet, DeskJet and dot matrix printers. Requires VGA or EGA. Registered version can export Hebrew text to Windows ($19). Hebrew Keyboard Overlay and manual with full registration ($27).
 HEBFONT.ZIP1114.06.92Hebrew screenfont needed for IBELBE editor
 HEB_TRNS.ZIP1929.07.92This program translates Macintosh ASCII files to PC ASCII files. The program translates from the "ISO Hebrew" standart used on the Mac into the "new Hebrew" standard used on the PC. For additional options see included documentation.
 HED101.ZIP5308.06.92Tiny Hebrew editor
 IBELBE.ZIP4714.06.92Emacs like editor with Hebrew support (even right-to-left Instead of "Eight-Mb-And-Const- antly-Swapping", this one only consumes about 40 kB
 QTEXT.ZIP11305.01.90early version of one of the best Hebrew / English wordprocessors for DOS (working demo). Uses standard Hebrew keyboard def.