Hebr.: Tools & Lernsoft
      Dateiname KByte  Datum  Beschreibung
 DLXDR231.ZIP1710.06.92DeLuxe Dir - a Dir command for DOS which also supports hebrew filenames and more.
 FLIPLINE.ZIP707.06.93Flips direction of lines in a textfile from right-to-left into left-to-right or vice vera. Useful e.g. for viewing Hebrew documents.
 FNTUTL14.ZIP3508.10.92utilities to use Hebrew in textmode, drivers for many programs (Einstein a.o.) included.
 HEBTEXT.ZIP403.09.91font remapper e.g. for Einstein. Remaps Hebrew characters on base of ASCII 128 for viewing.
 NHEBREW.ZIP6008.03.91Norton Commander in Hebrew!
 NIKUD.ZIP528.07.92view/print Hebrew textfiles containing "nikudim", i.e. vowels
 ALEPHD.ZIP4207.07.88A demo of AlephBeth program from Kabbala Software
 ALPHBET1.ZIP29026.10.93Aleph Beth tutorial from Aleph until Teth
 AST.ZIP8304.04.94Great game for kids to learn Hebrew Alphabet
 HEB-VERB.ZIP21724.08.90Hebrew verb drill - teaches you Grammar. Excellent!
 HEBQUIZ.ZIP13628.07.88Hebrew Grammar quiz - find out what you've learned!
 HEBREWX.ZIP1804.05.87Grammar Drill program in MS Basic.
 HJH.ZIP29519.09.93Using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT techniques only, this educational game is targeted at 5 to 9 year olds. IMAGES are placed on screen as the representation of what the child needs to spell. The child is rewar- ded with each correct spelling, and he or she CANNOT get it wrong. Users can create/ edit WORD/IMAGE list files as needed. This is the HEBREW edition from Alston Software Labs. Requires VBRUN200.DLL
 MILIMDOS.ZIP22809.02.95Vocabulary drill program
 MILIMWIN.ZIP15520.03.91Windoze version of the Hebrew language tutor
 SENTENCE.ZIP12215.01.91Hebrew sentence drill. Goes with MILIMDOS or MILIMWIN. DOS only version.