Hebr.: Miscellaneous
      Dateiname KByte  Datum  Beschreibung
 777.ZIP8927.11.90Gimmatria program to convert words to numbers
 ASCIIHEB.ZIP1310.03.91ASCIIHEB is a small utility to convert text into hebrew or back by only using standard ASCII characters - thus every letter can be displayed on any screen!
 CCM400C-.ZIP6310.04.93CassetteCoverManagerv4.00c AnA.L.MProduct EMERGENCYRELEASE! This is an emergency release of CCM for two reasons: (1st) Major bug in prior version. (2nd) Trojan by the same name. CCM was designed to print a nice cover for your tape cassettes, but now it's much much better. Many new features. `'
 CLOCK.ZIP2920.10.89a simple clock for DOS
 CRDEMO11.ZIP4529.11.92Very practical program for people that have to type lots of standard forms in Hebrew
 EXEC010A.ZIP1403.02.93Hebrew disk-menu system
 FLOWHEB.ZIP4204.02.90create flow-charts with Hebrew support
 ISRALMAP.ZIP34425.09.92The best route planer there is for Israel, including great graphics and very precise maps of Israel
 JEWSAV15.ZIP25227.08.95Jewish Screen Saver for Windows v1.5 <ASP>. Shows lovely animated Jewish clipart for the holydays and for everyday. Teach your computer and your family some Yiddishkite with illustrations for Shabbat, Chanuka and more. There are some fish and birds too. Requires Windows 3.1 or higher.
 JJUKE.ZIP4106.11.88Jewish Jukebox - plays (or better "beeps") Jewish melodies on your PC's speaker
 KABCAT94.ZIP2027.01.95list of software avaible from Kaballah Software. Attention: this one is commercial!
 KIZZUR.ZIP36825.10.92Full Hebrew text of Kizzur Shulchan Arukh (Hebrew ASCII; mybe you need a special driver for it. Recommended: HebDrv20.Zip from the Hebrew Drivers Section of this BBS)
 LETTRIX.ZIP12603.01.91This unique program makes ANY matrix printer print Hebrew from ANY program. Fonts like Rashi, Traditional, etc. are supplied.
 PDXHEB.ZIP1405.06.92Paradox 3.5 Hebrew data entry utility Version 1.0
 PIXSAM.ZIP5601.04.91Archivs with samples of ClipArts available from Kabala Software
 PMANAGER.ZIP7510.07.92Hebrew Program Manager - just a menu for DOS programs?
 PMASTERH.ZIP13420.12.93PrintMaster with Hebrew fonts!
 TOURINFO.ZIP87822.02.94Prepare your tour into the Holy Land! With this package you may obtain many informations which help you to find out what you are most interested in! The Israel Tourist information disk from the ministery of tourism. All you wanted to know about touring Israel.
 YEHUSH12.ZIP6404.04.93despair tablets in hebrew version 1.2 this program create despair tablets for the dates you choose, you can make colourful tablets with ANSI files or print it in colourful printer ,you can also create tablets with normal text file GREAT PROGRAM ! download now !