Hebr.: Calendar and Database
      Dateiname KByte  Datum  Beschreibung
 HBCL75G.ZIP37306.04.96HEBREW CALENDAR FOR WINDOWS v7.5g- Provides date conversion, holidays, anni- versaries, Torah/Haftarah readings, sun- rise, sunset and zmanim. Print custom calendars and zmanim lists. New this ver- sion: edit month names, holiday names and descriptions, and readings; improved anniversary database. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
 HC.ZIP4427.12.93Hebrew calendar with calculation of prayer-times, parshios works world- wide
 HDATE.ZIP1711.08.92changing and converting Hebrew dates
 HEBCAL21.ZIP3326.09.93Hebcal prints to stdout the dates of the Jewish holidays in the current secular year (or any other year given by command line options). Each line is prefixed with a gregorian date of the form mm/dd/yyyy.
 HEBCL54.ZIP14213.04.94Hebrew Calendar for Windows by Joseph Kohn. Provides Hebrew/Jewish date conversion, holidays and observances, yahrzeit anniversaries, month relationships, sunset times. VBRUN300.DLL run-time library required.
 HEBRWCAL.ZIP7501.01.90Nice tiny Hebrew calendar program to calculate holidays, Yahrtseit and more.
 JCAL76E3.ZIP4416.09.93New version of easy to use Hebrew Calendar including very good ex- planation of the system and history of the Jewish Calendar. Calculate dates from Gregorian to Jewish calendar and vice versa, show holidays, and more.
 OMER.ZIP2719.04.92Omer counter and reminder with c source
 ORGMIS.ZIP4507.10.87SideKick like organizer/planer in Hebrew
 SCHEDHEB.ZIP1110.03.90The famous PC-MAGAZINE agenda and scheduler with full hebrew support
 VEST130.ZIP14310.02.95Niddah tracking calendar
 ZMANIM.ZIP4215.06.93calculate times for prayers etc. Fortran source included
 ZODIAC62.ZIP10504.11.94Calculation of Jewish dates, sunrise, sunset and much more astronomical information. New! Includes Muslim holidays as well. Includes a complete paper about how the Jewish calendar works and how times are calculated.
 BANKEY.ZIP4516.12.92Family database to manage the family expenses
 DALED003.ZIP7319.12.92DALED 0.03ß: A Hebrew Database system, which creates dBASE-compatible files and can handle Hebrew and English fields and indexes. New version supports Mail- Merging.
 HEBTEL.ZIP3829.05.92Hebrew phone book manager
 HETZ.ZIP8420.01.92bookkeeping program with Hebrew support
 ILAN.ZIP6910.06.91Hebrew database program. Create your own database application - phone book, video list etc
 RCP.ZIP13208.01.93Great program with lots of kosher recipes